Changelog - 11 January 2024

PHP 8.3 Release

RunCloud now supports PHP 8.3 in our panel.

It is currently available for all NGINX and Containerized servers on the following operating systems:

  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

For OpenLiteSpeed, it is currently not available. We will support it once PHP 8.3 becomes available on OpenLiteSpeed.

To use PHP 8.3, you will need RunCloud Agent 2.8.0+2, which will be available on your server within 72 hours.

WPCLI 2.9.0 Release

For WordPress users, WPCLI has been updated to version 2.9.0, which includes compatibility with PHP 8.3.

Please make sure to use the latest version of WordPress, v6.4, as it has added "beta support" for PHP 8.3.

PHP Updates (NGINX)

  • PHP 8.3.1
  • PHP 8.2.14
  • PHP 8.1.27

Note: If your server runs on OpenLiteSpeed, RunCloud does not handle PHP version updates. However, once a PHP version update becomes available for OpenLiteSpeed, it should also be automatically available on your server(s).

RunCloud Agent 2.8.0+2

  • New: PHP 8.3 support
  • New: WPCLI 2.9.0 support
  • Fixed: 1-Click WordPress issue when using WPCLI 2.9.0
  • Fixed: File Manager unzip feature produces incorrect filenames

The updates will be automatically applied to your server(s) running on NGINX within 72 hours and Containerized server(s) within 3 hours. If you don't receive the update in the expected timeframe, please contact our support team.