Changelog - 11 September 2023

PHP Version Releases

  • PHP 8.2.10
  • PHP 8.1.23
  • PHP 8.0.30

PHP Extension Updates (PHP 8.x)

  • swoole 5.0.3 (4.8.13 for Xenial)
  • memcache 8.2
  • mongodb 1.16.2
  • msgpack 2.2.0
  • igbinary 3.2.14

Note: If your server runs on OpenLiteSpeed, RunCloud does not handle PHP version updates. However, once a PHP version update becomes available for OpenLiteSpeed, it should also be automatically available on your server(s).

NGINX Version Release

  • NGINX 1.21.4 iteration 18, includes 7G Firewall v1.6.1 to fix some false positive actions

The updates will be automatically applied to your server(s) running on NGINX within 72 hours and Containerized server(s) within 3 hours. If you don’t receive the update in the expected timeframe, please contact our support team.