Changelog - 13 February 2023

PHP Version Releases (NGINX Servers)

  • PHP 8.2.1
  • PHP 8.1.14
  • PHP 8.0.27

Note: If your server runs on OpenLiteSpeed, RunCloud does not handle PHP version updates. However, once a PHP version update becomes available for OpenLiteSpeed, it should also be automatically available on your server(s).

Backup V3

  • Improved the backup download link generation process.
  • Improved incremental backup link expiry – extending it to 48 hours. 
  • Fixed some cases where the full backup file hash was missing. 

Apache Version Release

Apache httpd 2.4.55 release with security fixes: CVE-2022-37436, CVE-2022-36760, CVE-2006-20001


  • Improved strong password policy enforcement on our registration form.
  • Improved our registration form to include fields for first and last names (making it easier for us to get to know you!).