Changelog - 18 January 2023

PHP 8.2 Release

PHP 8.2 is now available for all server types

  • Nginx
  • OpenLiteSpeed
  • Containerized Server (Docker)

The update will be automatically applied to your server within 72 hours. If you do not receive the update within this timeframe, please contact our support team for a manual update.

To use PHP 8.2 in a Containerized Server (Docker), navigate to the "Services" page and add PHP 8.2 to your server. Then, in your web application settings, you can select it as the default PHP version.


  • improved: support for non-Latin characters in passwords when using the 1-Click WordPress Install feature

Web Application

  • improved: when adding a new domain name and enable www option, by default use "non-www to www redirection" option


  • fixed: a rare issue where web application cloning failed due to MOTD

Backup v3

  • improved: support for EU region of pCloud external storage
  • fixed: SFTP backups failing due to special characters in user passwords

Modsec Firewall (WAF)

  • fixed: Modsec firewall was blocking the upload process for WordPress plugins
  • fixed: Modsec firewall for OpenLiteSpeed servers displayed incorrect Nginx descriptions.


  • fixed: server location/flag display incorrect location in some cases
  • fixed: server tags were not being created in some cases
  • fixed: wrong IP address was displayed for Vultr integration
  • fixed: Server Grid view was not displaying any servers in some cases
  • fixed: servers with high loads were not being displayed when using server tag

Docker Containerized Server (beta)

  • improved: various improvements to the Services page


  • fixed: email notifications for high resource usage on servers did not display the memory/disk usage percentages
  • fixed: incorrect html tag issue on Telegram and Slack notification


  • fixed: failed payments (card declined) were still redirecting to the thank-you page
  • fixed: incorrect applied credit was being displayed in subscription summary
  • fixed: paid invoices were not unlocking server resources in some cases

RunCloud Agent 2.6.1

Some of the updates above require an update to the RunCloud Agent on your server. The agent will automatically update within 72 hours. If you receive any warning alerts after this timeframe, please contact our support team for a manual update.