Changelog - 18 November 2021: RunCloud Hub, New Dashboard Beta4, PHP & PHPRedis

RunCloud Hub v1.2.0 WordPress Plugin

  • added: new “Ignore query strings” option (RunCache - Rules page) that will completely ignore utm_*, fbclid, gclid, etc query strings and make your site served cached version when this query strings exits. It is very useful for SEO, SEM, and paid traffics in general.
  • added: new “Exclude DONOTCACHEPAGE constant” option (RunCache - Rules page) that will automatically exclude page from cache when DONOTCACHEPAGE constant is detected on the current page. It is useful for automatic plugin integration, WordPress multisite, and Cloudflare integration. Please clear all cache after enable/disable this option.
  • added: new Cloudflare integration (beta)that will allow you to:
    • purge Cloudflare cache after Nginx cache purged, both for all cache or post/page cache
    • test Cloudflare status to see if your page is cached via Cloudflare or APO
    • enable/disable Cloudflare page caching using “Cache Everything” page rule, available for all Cloudflare plan, including free plan.
    • enable/disable Cloudflare page caching using APO (Automatic Platform Optimization) from RunCloud Hub Settings page, if you have subscribed to APO in your Cloudflare account. Using official Cloudflare plugin will be optional when using RunCloud Hub.
    • note: if you enable Cloudflare integration, please make sure to enable  “Exclude DONOTCACHEPAGE constant” option.
    • this feature is still in beta, you need to enable Cloudflare menu from your WordPress Dashboard - Settings - RunCloud Hub - Settings page.
  • improved: Redis Object Cache
    • improved onboarding to enable/disabe Redis Object Cache smoothly
    • for WordPress Multisite Subdirectory, Redis Object Cache can be enabled/disabled on network-wide level, it can not be enabled/disabled on subsite level.
    • for WordPress Multisite Subdomain, by default, Redis Object Cache can be enabled/disabled on subsite level by user with Administrator level on the subsite. It is useful for small WordPress Multisite network, where you have full total control for all subsites.
    • for big network of WordPress Multisite Subdomain, for example WaaS, it is better to hide enable/disable Redis Object Cache on subsite by adding constant to wp-config.php file define( 'RCWP_REDIS_NETWORK_ACTIVE', true );
  • fixed: some various bugs reported by our users to make RunCloud Hub becomes more stable.


New Dashboard Beta 4

Thank you very much to all RunCloud users who actively report bugs in the new dashboard (beta).

In Beta 4, due to popular demand from new dashboard (beta) users, we bring back grid & list view option on main Servers page.

  • added: Grid & list view for the main Servers page
  • added: File manager breadcrumb
  • improved: some UI/UX improvements, including new table UI & collapsible  sidebar
  • fixed: Accept team invitation button does not work in Safari browser
  • fixed: Disable Cloudflare integration issue on webapp domain
  • fixed: File manager opens wrong file sometimes
  • fixed: File manager search issue
  • fixed: Cronjob edit loses time settings
  • fixed: Typo in 'ROOT_PATH' inside Atomic Deployment
  • fixed: Allow view supervisor jobs but disable update supervisor settings

PHP Version (Nginx Server)

  • PHP 8.0.12 (Nginx)
  • PHP 7.4.25 (Nginx)
  • PHP 7.3.32 (Nginx)

Note: For OpenLiteSpeed, PHP version update is not handled by RunCloud. Once PHP version update is available in OpenLiteSpeed, it should be updated automatically in your server.

PHPRedis (Nginx Server)

PHPRedis has been recompiled to support serializer & compression.

  • igbinary serializer
  • lzf compression
  • lz4 compression
  • zstd compression

PHPRedis serializer & compression is good for high performance site because it can reduce Redis memory usage and network communication. Please check if your CMS has feature/addon that support Redis object cache with PHPRedis serializer & compression.