Changelog - 27 September 2023

RunCloud Agent v2.7.3

The update will be automatically applied to your server within the next 72 hours. If you do not receive the update in this timeframe, please reach out to our support team & they will help manually update your server(s).

This new version of the RunCloud agent contains the following updates:

Automated Git Deployment

  • Improved: When deploying a git repository to an existing non-git web app, a temporary web app files backup is created automatically and will be restored in the event that git deployment is unsuccessful. 

Web App and Database Backups

  • Fixed: Full Backup Restore failing in some cases when the backup config JSON file is invalid.

1-Click WordPress Installation

  • Fixed: Unable to upload image after 1-Click WordPress finished because of folder permission issue. For users that were affected by this bug, you can use Fix Ownership tools to fix the folder permission issues.


  • Improved: The newly deployed server uses the latest LTS version of NodeJS v18