Changelog - 6 February 2024

Let's Encrypt SSL

  • Improved: New domain validation has been added for deploying Let's Encrypt SSL using the dns-01 authorization method. This ensures the DNS provider API, where the domain is managed, is valid.
  • Improved: Introduced the option to change the Authorization Method when editing a Let's Encrypt SSL. Users can switch between http-01 and dns-01 (or vice versa), which will be applied during the next SSL renewal or redeployment.
  • Improved: Added an indicator for when Let's Encrypt SSL needs to be redeployed for SSL Advanced (Business), such as after enabling the www or wildcard option.
  • Improved: Implemented notifications and an activity log for when Let's Encrypt SSL expires.

Server Provisioning

  • Improved: Added a Premium plan option for the Linode/Akamai Cloud server provider.

RunCloud Agent v2.8.1+2

This update will automatically be applied to your server within the next 72 hours. If you do not receive the update within this timeframe, please contact our support team, and they will assist you with a manual update of your server(s).

This new agent includes the following updates:

OpenLiteSpeed (OLS)

  • Fixed: A custom user's phpIniOverride configuration block in a web application could prevent the default RunCloud's phpIniOverride from applying to this web application.

Note: If you use a custom phpIniOverride in your OLS web application, it is recommended to update the RunCloud agent to v2.8.1 on your server. Then, use the Tools - Rebuild Web Application config feature to get the updated configuration.

File Manager

  • Fixed: The File Manager sometimes displayed incorrect file MIME types. For example, wasm files should show as application/wasm instead of application/octet-stream.