Cloudflare Dashboard and Cloudflare API Service Issues

Cloudflare is currently experiencing issues with its dashboard and API (view status page).

We've deployed a hotfix to prevent our panel from throwing 500 errors due to the downtime with Cloudflare's API. However, the domains and DNS integration via Cloudflare will appear empty in your RunCloud dashboard as they rely on receiving responses from the Cloudflare API, which is currently unavailable.

Cloudflare is well aware of the issue and is working on getting to the bottom of it as soon as possible. They have a good reputation for handling infrastructure-related issues diligently, including proper post-mortems. 

On behalf of Cloudflare, thank you for your patience & we understand dealing with downtime is never easy. If any websites you host for others are affected, this would be a good time to send over an email to let them know if their sites are down proactively.