[Fixed] UpCloud Server Provisioning Issue

UPDATE: Thanks to UpCloud team for releasing new Ubuntu 20.04 LTS image to fix this issue. You can build new server again with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS using UpCloud & RunCloud, for either Nginx or OpenLiteSpeed stack.

We are currently experiencing a technical issue on UpCloud server provisioning, especially when building the server; installation stucks at 98% for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for both OLS & Nginx stack.

Our team is still working to fix this issue. If you had to use UpCloud as the server provider, consider choosing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, which is not affected by this issue.

Our early findings found that the issue was caused by a broken package in the mentioned server image. We have contacted UpCloud to work together towards a resolution. 

Your patience is highly appreciated in the meanwhile.