Weekly Changelog - 08 December 2022

Support Ticket

  • Fixed: File upload issue with support form.
  • Fixed: Issue with dropdown not visible. 

Billing and Subscription

  • Improvement: Updates invoice and receipt appearance.
  • Improvement: Better alerting for backup subscriptions.
  • Fixed: Issue with receipt information.

Cloudflare API

  • Improvement: Users are now able to link the Cloudflare account to RunCloud by using the Global API Key and API Token.

RunCloud Hub

  • Improvement: Better method of handling cache purging.


  • Improvement: Error notifications are now more informative.

Backup Improvement

  • New: Backup menu is now accessible from the web application menu.
  • Improvement: Web Application list now shows backup status.

System User

  • New: Ability to promote system user as sudoer.

Containerized Server [BETA]

We're introducing support for Docker (containerized services), allowing us to deliver various improvements:

  1. SSH Jail by using RunCloud Shell.
  2. Better PHP management by eliminating the dependency on PHP installation and PHP modules makes PHP lighter on the server.
  3. Better MySQL management by making upgrading easier.
  4. Better Web Security.
  5. Cleaner server management by removing dependency on the server.

Note: Containerized servers are now in beta.