Weekly Changelog - 30 May 2022

Backup v3 beta

  • added: new Wasabi AP Southeast 2 (Sydney) region for external backup storage
  • improved: clean up current backup job/files when a backup is canceled/removed.
  • improved: clean up local storage in the server when a backup is canceled/removed. 
  • improved: total backup snapshots should count completed backup snapshots only. 
  • fixed: fix some incremental backup fails with the 'can not retrieve backup summary' message because the backup could not be initialized properly.
  • fixed: error message when a user tries to create a backup instance to external storage but does not select any external storage integration
  • fixed: backup list pagination does not follow the current filter on the second page.

Server Health

  • improved: the server health is checked/updated every minute, previously it is every 15 minutes delay.
  • improved: instant notification when your server reaches the high resource threshold, no longer need to wait for 15 minutes delay.
  • added: another notification will be sent when the server resource is back to normal usage, below the high resource threshold.
  • added: (Business plan only) per-minute server health data that will show the server resource graph from the last hour (60 minutes).
  • removed: weekly/monthly server health data because we only keep 30 days of data, so the weekly/monthly graph does not provide valuable info.

WordPress & RunCloud Hub

  • added: 1-Click WordPress Multisite subdomain/subdirectory is available in the 1-Click WordPress.
  • improved: do not run home/site URL updates on the WordPress General Settings page when the current WordPress Multisite is broken.
  • improved: do not run home/site URL updates on the WordPress General Settings page when a user tries to update a WordPress Multisite with an existing custom domain to prevent database issues.
  • fixed: fix RunCloud Hub magic link issue when WP-CLI output is corrupted by the active plugin(s)/theme.

Web Application Cloning

  • fixed: fix cloning process issue when cloning some custom Nginx config.

PHP Releases

  • PHP 8.1.6 (Nginx)
  • PHP 8.0.19 (Nginx)
  • PHP 7.4.29 (Nginx)

*) For OpenLiteSpeed, the PHP version update is not handled by RunCloud. Once the PHP version update is available in OpenLiteSpeed, it should be updated automatically in your server.

RunCloud Agent v2.5.1 release

Some updates above will require the RunCloud Agent update in your server. It will automatically update on your server within 72hrs. If you get any warning alert after 72hrs, please contact our support for the manual update.