Changelog - 27 February 2023

Web Applications

  • You can now enable backups for new web applications as you create them.
  • Fixed cases where the custom SSL Cipher and EDCH Curve wasn’t saving properly.

PHP Version Releases (NGINX/Docker Servers)

  • PHP 8.2.3
  • PHP 8.1.16
  • PHP 8.0.28

This release contains security fixes for CVE-2023-0567, CVE-2023-0568, CVE-2023-0662.

Note: If your server runs on OpenLiteSpeed, RunCloud does not handle PHP version updates. However, once a PHP version update becomes available for OpenLiteSpeed, it should also be automatically available on your server(s).

Changelog - 18 January 2023

PHP 8.2 Release

PHP 8.2 is now available for all server types

  • Nginx
  • OpenLiteSpeed
  • Containerized Server (Docker)

The update will be automatically applied to your server within 72 hours. If you do not receive the update within this timeframe, please contact our support team for a manual update.

To use PHP 8.2 in a Containerized Server (Docker), navigate to the "Services" page and add PHP 8.2 to your server. Then, in your web application settings, you can select it as the default PHP version.


  • improved: support for non-Latin characters in passwords when using the 1-Click WordPress Install feature

Web Application

  • improved: when adding a new domain name and enable www option, by default use "non-www to www redirection" option


  • fixed: a rare issue where web application cloning failed due to MOTD

Backup v3

  • improved: support for EU region of pCloud external storage
  • fixed: SFTP backups failing due to special characters in user passwords

Modsec Firewall (WAF)

  • fixed: Modsec firewall was blocking the upload process for WordPress plugins
  • fixed: Modsec firewall for OpenLiteSpeed servers displayed incorrect Nginx descriptions.


  • fixed: server location/flag display incorrect location in some cases
  • fixed: server tags were not being created in some cases
  • fixed: wrong IP address was displayed for Vultr integration
  • fixed: Server Grid view was not displaying any servers in some cases
  • fixed: servers with high loads were not being displayed when using server tag

Docker Containerized Server (beta)

  • improved: various improvements to the Services page


  • fixed: email notifications for high resource usage on servers did not display the memory/disk usage percentages
  • fixed: incorrect html tag issue on Telegram and Slack notification


  • fixed: failed payments (card declined) were still redirecting to the thank-you page
  • fixed: incorrect applied credit was being displayed in subscription summary
  • fixed: paid invoices were not unlocking server resources in some cases

RunCloud Agent 2.6.1

Some of the updates above require an update to the RunCloud Agent on your server. The agent will automatically update within 72 hours. If you receive any warning alerts after this timeframe, please contact our support team for a manual update.

Weekly Changelog - 08 December 2022

Support Ticket

  • Fixed: File upload issue with support form.
  • Fixed: Issue with dropdown not visible. 

Billing and Subscription

  • Improvement: Updates invoice and receipt appearance.
  • Improvement: Better alerting for backup subscriptions.
  • Fixed: Issue with receipt information.

Cloudflare API

  • Improvement: Users are now able to link the Cloudflare account to RunCloud by using the Global API Key and API Token.

RunCloud Hub

  • Improvement: Better method of handling cache purging.


  • Improvement: Error notifications are now more informative.

Backup Improvement

  • New: Backup menu is now accessible from the web application menu.
  • Improvement: Web Application list now shows backup status.

System User

  • New: Ability to promote system user as sudoer.

Containerized Server [BETA]

We're introducing support for Docker (containerized services), allowing us to deliver various improvements:

  1. SSH Jail by using RunCloud Shell.
  2. Better PHP management by eliminating the dependency on PHP installation and PHP modules makes PHP lighter on the server.
  3. Better MySQL management by making upgrading easier.
  4. Better Web Security.
  5. Cleaner server management by removing dependency on the server.

Note: Containerized servers are now in beta.

OpenSSL Security Update

OpenSSL just announced a security update for issues CVE-2022-3602 and CVE-2022-3786.

This issue only affects Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) when using OpenSSL Version 3.X (other Ubuntu versions are not affected).

The update has already been patched by Ubuntu on OpenSSL version 3.0.2. Your server should automatically be updated. For more info regarding the CVE, please refer to the following resources:

Weekly Changelog - 7 Oct 2022

Backup v3 Official Release

Backup V3 is now out of beta. Thank you very much for your participation and feedback while it was in beta. If you're using RunCloud's backup storage, please ensure that your plan has enough storage for your backups to continue running without interruption (and add additional storage as required).
  • Basic – 2 GB RunCloud storage
  • Pro – 10 GB RunCloud storage
  • Business – 30 GB RunCloud storage
If you exceed your limits, your backup instances will be automatically disabled, and you should receive an email to encourage you to take action. Upon ensuring you have enough backup storage, your disabled backup instances will be automatically enabled again.

Incremental Backup Improvements

  • Improved: incremental backups are now more stable and faster than ever
  • Improved: better error messages on any issues with incremental backups

Server Provision

  • Added: direct server provisioning for Hetzner provider using the API key

RunCloud Agent v2.5.8

  • Improved: Better RunCloud Incremental backup.
  • Fixed: Health graph not showing the actual server time.
  • New: Added Jammy Jellyfish support.

Weekly Changelog - 29 Sept 2022

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)

Ubuntu 22.04 has been released to production so you can now choose it as your operating system image when you deploy new servers with RunCloud.

Backup v3 beta

  • (Beta) New: pCloud is now supported as external storage for backups on the Pro plan.
  • (Beta) New: SFTP option for all plans.

API beta

  • New: create a Web Application alias now available using API v2.

Billing Improvement

  • Improvement: Added Credit Alert on billing to notify users when credit is low. 
  • Improvement: Added payment failed notification for unexpected cases.

Support Improvement

  • Improvement: CSAT is now accessible on the notification menu.
  • Updated: Moving CSAT location on the support page.

Weekly Changelog - 26 August 2022: New Subscription

Subscription v3

  • improve: new subscription interface to enhance user experience 
  • added: new invoice and receipt layout and new information added (Business ID, Tax ID)
  • added: billing email can be chosen from the notification channel

Backup v3 beta

  • improve: filter backup instances by server
  • fixed: RunCloud Storage Full backup download issue

DNS Manager

  • fixed: Save button disappears and not able to save the settings

Server Notification

  • fixed: Snooze setting dropdown empty after refresh


  • fixed: Server not responding when trying to update RunCache settings

Our test domain system has just been updated

Our test domain system has just been updated.

As a result of this change, the test domain previously available for testing will now no longer resolve to your web applications.

To ensure continued access to web applications that previously used this test domain, you’ll simply need to go through the process of adding a new domain to your web application (during which you’ll be able to select our new test domain).

Here’s how to update your test domain.

Weekly Changelog - 2 August 2022: Dropbox & Google Drive Backup Storage

Backup v3 beta

  • added: Dropbox backup storage is available for Pro & Business users
  • added: Google Drive backup storage is available for Pro & Business users
  • added: option to restore the full backup to other/different and new site
  • improved: more stable backup restore process for both incremental and full backup
  • improved: add backup restore progress to global notification 
  • improved: informative notification to email/slack/telegram for completed/failed backup restore
  • improved: initial support for WP Multisite & Bedrock in backup restore 
  • improved: better way of updating database details in the wp-config.php file when restoring WordPress web application
  • improved: send warning in global notification when backup restore process fails to update database details in the wp-config.php file
  • improved: better way of search&replace URLs in the database when restoring WordPress web application to other & new site
  • improved: send warning in global notification when backup restore process fails to complete search&replace URLs in the database when restoring WordPress web application to other & new site
  • improved: generate the .htaccess file if it does not exist when restoring WordPress web application with either Nginx-Apache2 Hybrid or OpenLiteSpeed stack
  • improved: automatically clear cache after restoring WordPress web application
  • fixed: another case on the incremental backup process with a "can't retrieve backup summary" error message


  • improved: support custom config for Supervisor

Atomic Deployment

  • improved: increase atomic deployment timeout to 20 minutes


fixed: web server log is not cleaned when using Disk Cleanup

File Manager

  • fixed: support file/folder name with a space character
  • fixed: handle file/folder symlink properly

RunCloud Agent v2.5.4 release

Some updates above will require the RunCloud Agent update in your server. It was released on 29 July 2022, and it should be updated automatically on your server within 72hrs. If your server still does not receive the new version, please contact our support for the manual update.

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