[Fixed] Cloudflare API Issue

Currently, there is an ongoing issue on Cloudflare API, started from Jun 16, 12:06 UTC. You can check the latest status of Cloudflare API here:


Some RunCloud features are probably affected by this issue from Cloudflare side:

  • Deploy Letsencrypt SSL with dns-01 authorization using Cloudflare API
  • Cloudflare DNS Integration when create webApp or add new domain
  • DNS Manager

[Fixed] UpCloud Server Provisioning Issue

UPDATE: Thanks to UpCloud team for releasing new Ubuntu 20.04 LTS image to fix this issue. You can build new server again with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS using UpCloud & RunCloud, for either Nginx or OpenLiteSpeed stack.

We are currently experiencing a technical issue on UpCloud server provisioning, especially when building the server; installation stucks at 98% for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for both OLS & Nginx stack.

Our team is still working to fix this issue. If you had to use UpCloud as the server provider, consider choosing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, which is not affected by this issue.

Our early findings found that the issue was caused by a broken package in the mentioned server image. We have contacted UpCloud to work together towards a resolution. 

Your patience is highly appreciated in the meanwhile.

Changelog - 28 April 2021: OpenLiteSpeed

We are excited to bring the official release of OpenLiteSpeed in RunCloud.

All major features those are supported on Nginx server are fully available also on OpenLiteSpeed server now.

Clone Web Application

This feature now supports both Nginx and OpenLiteSpeed servers. Follow our guide for more details.

You can clone your web application easily,

  • from Nginx to Nginx
  • from Nginx to OpenLiteSpeed
  • from OpenLiteSpeed to Nginx
  • from OpenLiteSpeed to OpenLiteSpeed

Note: if you clone a WordPress site from Native Nginx stack to OpenLiteSpeed, and experience 404 page because of missing .htaccess file, you can simply login to WordPress dashboard, go to Settings - Permalinks page, and click Save Changes button.

WordPress Staging

This feature now supports both Nginx and OpenLiteSpeed servers. Follow our guide for more details.

You can easily create an exact copy of your entire website (web application) for staging and development purpose in seconds. 

Atomic Deployment (Zero Downtime Deployment)

This feature now supports both Nginx and OpenLiteSpeed servers. Follow our guide for more details.

OpenLiteSpeed .htaccess Changes Detection:

Normally once you edit/update .htaccess file in your OpenLiteSpeed web application, you will need to restart OpenLiteSpeed service to take effect for those changes.

When you use OpenLiteSpeed using RunCloud, all .htaccess changes/updates will be detected and OpenLiteSpeed service will be reloaded without downtime automatically.

Deploying & managing OpenLiteSpeed (OLS)servers has never been easier than it is with RunCloud. Follow our guide on how to install WordPress on OpenLiteSpeed.

[Fixed] DigitalOcean Server Provisioning Issue

[Update] This issue has been fixed, you can build new DigitalOcean server again from RunCloud panel using API or connecting via IP address & root password.

We are currently experiencing technical issue on DigitalOcean server provisioning, especially when building server via API and connecting via IP address and root password.

Our team is still working to fix this issue. If you want to build server using DigitalOcean, you can still use our manual server installation method, using installation script.

Backup Maintenance - February 17, 2021 04.30 UTC

Update: February 17, 2021 06.35 UTC (~2 hours), maintenance has been completed. Backup page is accessible again.

We are performing ~ 2 hours maintenance on our backup system to improve backup stability for all backup users. 

Only backup page that is not accessible during this backup maintenance window. Other RunCloud features will still run normally.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket or email support@runcloud.io with any inquiries and our 24/7 support will be happy to help.

Changelog - 27 January 2021: Sudo Security Update

In RunCloud, your server security is our top priority.

We have released a security update to patch all servers from CVE-2021-3156 (Heap-Based Buffer Overflow in Sudo) vulnerability that allows privilege escalation to root via "sudoedit -s" and a command-line argument that ends with a single backslash character.

Sudo linux package in your servers has been patched to the latest version in Wednesday, 27 January 2021.

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) : sudo v1.8.31-1ubuntu1.2
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver): sudo v1.8.21p2-3ubuntu1.4
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus): sudo v1.8.16-0ubuntu1.10

Temporary Maintenance on New Backup System

We have identified certain issues with our new backup system, which is leading to 20% of failed backups. We apologize for all the inconvenience caused because of our latest updates.

We have gone through each & every ticket, scenarios, and run some tests to verify. We find out that 8 out of 10 backups are successful and 2 are failing. In rare cases, it is also causing a high load on the servers while calculating the application size.

Our team is already working on the solution and in the meantime, we will be running a Maintenance Window to serve your better. During this Maintenance Window:

  • All Sites that run below 6 hours Backup Frequency (30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours) will be temporarily disabled.
  • All Sites that run above 6 hours Backup Frequency will run as usual.
  • All backup sites that run on the legacy backup system will not be affected.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket or email support@runcloud.io with any inquiries and our 24/7 support will be happy to help.

Changelog - Dec 5, 2020

We have successfully released the New Incremental Backup System along with some other important updates. Thank you for your patience and understanding during maintenance.

Here are the details of the release:

What’s New:

Introducing the Incremental Backup System

Backup Features:

  • Backup both Web Application and Database under one Site (previously called Instance). This is ideal for WordPress applications.
  • Create multiple backup variations for one Web Application/Database.
  • Exclude File, Folder, and Database Table that you don’t want to backup.
  • Label your backups for easy identification.
  • Customize backup frequency (min 30 minutes and max 1 week)
  • Schedule your backup.
  • Backup retention up to 1 month.
  • Restore on the same domain name or different domain name.
  • Restore to RunCloud Test Domain

If you were using our previous backup system then it will still run according to the schedule. However, you can’t create any new backup instance on Legacy Backup System. We will sunset our Legacy Backup System on Q1 of 2021.

Introducing Backup Pro

Our new backup system is launched with a freemium model. Free Plan will come with Basic Features and for more flexibility and personalization Pro Plan is crafted.

  • All the paid accounts are default enabled with Backup Basic for Free. 
  • You can also subscribe to Backup Pro for only $1/mo. per application. 

Both Backup Basic and Backup Pro have their own respective storage.The sites that run on Backup Pro will not consume Backup Basic storage and vice versa.

Introducing the New Payment Partner

We have taken the leap to a new payment subscription system with Stripe. We regret to inform you that we are no longer supporting PayPal as part of our payment method. 

Here are the important notes that you need to know:

  • All free and new users will be automatically switched to Stripe.
  • The Braintree platform will be active for existing paid users until the billing cycle ends. 
  • All of your previous Backup Credits will be transferred as Stripe Credits. You can use Stripe Credits to subscribe to any of our plans and add-ons.
  • You can now personalize your subscriptions. This gives you flexibility to subscribe to any of our products, add-ons and future offerings.

BONUS: Backup Pro for 30 Days

As a token of appreciation, we would like to give 30 Days free access to the Backup Pro.

  • This offer is applicable to all of our users.
  • Existing paid users just need to switch their payment method from Braintree to Stripe in order to enjoy this offer.
  • This offer is only valid until 31 December 2020.


If you are switching from Braintree to Stripe now:

  • Your plan will be prorated and run on a new billing cycle. 
  • You may have to pay the difference amount to reset the billing cycle and activate the new incremental backup.

Scheduled RunCloud Maintenance, 5 December 2020

We would like to inform you that on Saturday, 5 December 2020, there will be scheduled maintenance for the RunCloud dashboard.

We are performing this maintenance to release our new incremental backup feature. This upgrade will simplify our backup feature and offer you with the dynamic incremental backup system for free. It is a freemium model but we believe that free will work in most cases.

We are also taking a leap to a new billing system. This step is important to offer you add-ons along with our core product.

We regret that our dashboard will be inaccessible during this maintenance window.

Start: Saturday, 5th December 2020 03:00 AM UTC
End: Saturday, 5th December 2020 11:00 AM UTC
Convert to your local timezone

Hence, the best way to connect with us during those hours will be direct email at support@runcloud.io as the support system may not be accessible too.

Be rest assured that all of your servers and web applications will run normally and not affected by this maintenance.

We appreciate your understanding and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience that may cause during this maintenance window.

Changelog - October 13, 2020


RunCloud Hub v1.1.0

  • Add support for NGINX SR Cache.

WP Canvas

  • You can add your custom themes and plugins by adding a download link. The link URL must be publically accessible and the file should be in a .ZIP format.

SSH Whitelist IP Notification

  • You can whitelist the IP from triggering the SSH Notification. This setting can be found under the Notification menu inside your server


  • PHP 7.4.1
  • PHP 7.3.23
  • PHP 7.2.34
  • Enable support for FTPS

RunCloud Agent 2.3.7

  • Fix URL rewrite on WordPress Staging and Clone Web App features for WordPress based application
  • Refresh RunCloud Hub when the user syncs the staging environment to production and vise versa when using the WordPress Staging feature.

Note: RunCloud Agent should be updated automatically on your server. It will take up to 24 - 48 hours to propagate this update to all RunCloud managed servers. If your server still uses RunCloud Agent v2.3.6 and below, please contact our support.

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